Editorial Photography

From years of professional Photography experience we have gained experience of being professional editorial photographers as well. At SVS Creations we approach every editorial project with one goal - we let the photographs do the talking.

Whether shot for a cover story, fashion page or product adventisement or any other category, we consider every single photograph equally important. We help every individual and each company make a strong impression on their readers. We have extensive experience shooting high-quality & candid portraits that strike a balance between creativity and commercial impact on the audience. Whatevert the need be, either an engaging portrait of a business leader, celebrity, artist, activist or other personality for a feature story we have all the experience and equipments to take professional and exceptional shots.

We have all the laest equipments including professional lighting, high resolution cameras and lenses etc. and a team of post-production editors and designers who create the most eye-catching and memorable photos possible. We have been applaud by many of our clients for the breath taking fashion, lifestyle and business photography we have done for them.