Class Group Photography

Capturing a classic group photo that is perfectly balanced and well formatted takes experience and training. For more than 10 years our photographers have made classic large group photography into an art form. To capture that special image, whether it's a group of 20 or a whole school photo, our photographers have tremendous experience.

Of course capturing the image is only half the job done and, once we've captured images of the highest quality, our in house team of dersigners makes sure to take care of minor changes and give final touches to the the photographs. Not only this we help you the with best quality prints in your school’s choice of format using the most advanced processes available.

At SVS Creations, we are committed to provide efficient and friendly service to the schools and at the same time taking great photos for the families of students and the staff to enjoy. We know how to help any school have a great photography experience.

At SVS we are well aware of the sensitivities of taking photographs of school children. Our photographers are experienced and skilled in this sector, so rest assured that the photographs taken are exactly the ones you want, and suit your schools needs and circumstances.